01 October 2013

Gold Foil Prints

New Gold Foil Prints from Pheasant Press!


Get Well Soon

Home Sweet Home

11 February 2013

Last Minute Valentine Idea

These lovely typography prints from Fauxstorical on Etsy are only $3 each and can be downloaded right away.  Just pop them in a frame and you are good to go!

type specimen page from Fauxstorical on Etsy

type specimen page from Fauxstorical on Etsy

type specimen page from Fauxstorical on Etsy

21 January 2013

Finnegan's 3rd Birthday - Ahoy Matey!

Finnegan was all about pirates this year. I decided I was going to actually letterpress his invitations, since I am a printer and all.

I called my dear dear sweet wonderful friend Joslin and she made the most fantastic pirate ship cake that you've ever seen.

 It was fabulous. Everyone kept asking me if it was a real cake!

 Dread Pirate Finnegan couldn't wait to blow those candles out.

Everyone seemed to have a good time. It was so nice to see friends, some even stayed for the after-party (which ended with an impromptu naked dance from the birthday boy, as all good parties should.)

The morning after:

03 June 2012

All Hail the Queen!

I am loving all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the Diamond Jubilee.

Plate from Cath Kidston

Mug from World Market

Cupcake toppers from happythough on Etsy

Coasters from Pheasant Press

05 May 2012

Kentucky Derby

Kevin and I are excited to finally watch the Kentucky derby this afternoon. We always look forward to making mint julips and relaxing on the couch. This year we will be using my Tally Ho coasters:

Tally Ho Coasters

02 April 2012

Stuffing Easter Eggs

Finnegan has his first official Easter egg hunt at Mother's Day Out tomorrow. I am so excited! This morning we practiced hunting for eggs. Now he is down for his nap and I am getting the eggs ready for tomorrow.
The letterpress bunny tags are available here.

All ready to go!

31 March 2012

#etsysuccess symposium

I really loved the Etsy symposium yesterday. Each session was extremely informative, I felt like my brain was exploding with new knowledge! My first step towards bettering my shop was to redo my photos and create a more cohesive look for my brand, Pheasant Press.


Nice photos. But it didn't feel like everything jived together. I had several different backgrounds, so I decided to just use one background for everything. I spent hours (and hours) taking new photos and preparing them for my shop.


Much better! Hopefully I am one step closer to creating a recognizable brand for myself.