10 June 2010

Gifts for Daddy

Kevin helped me put this list together, so it is "father approved."  If you have any other good suggestions, let me know in the comments.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Wallet $45Saddleback Leather Company
This extremely well constructed wallet will take a lot of abuse and still look good.

James Bond Watchband $39.95Corvus Watch
This is the watch strap worn by Sean Connery on his Rolex Submariner in the classic James Bond films Goldfinger and Thunderball.

Watch $359.00Hamilton
For those of us that can't afford a Rolex, this is a nice alternative. Hamilton gives you a a great Swiss movement without the luxury pricetag.  (for you Heroes fans, Sylar often sports a Hamilton watch)

Shirt $39.95 LL Bean
 A quality wrinkle resistant shirt is a gift to both mom and dad.

Knife $104.95 Benchmade
This blade is made with a special French steel meant for saltwater and harsh environments.  It will last forever for us mere mortals.  (Kevin is quite the knife collector, so it was hard for him to pick just one)

Lotion $10 Butter London
Master Lotion is paraben free and vegan.  And it has really cute packaging!

Watchbands $9 J.Press
If you don't want to go all out with the James Bond watchband, you can get these bands on sale from J.Press right now for only $9

Beard Lube $18 Jack Black
Kevin hates shaving.  When I say hate, I really mean it, he abhors having to shave.  This lotion is the only thing that makes it tolerable for him.


Lemonade Girl said...

Abhor. Gonna have to sneak that one in on the news tomorrow too!! Love the ideas momma!

kim* said...

ooh loving your blog! I would get the wallet, every dad needs a new wallet every so many years :)

Casey said...

These are great suggestions for Father's Day!!

Stephanie said...

I like that wallet. Good gift selection

Anonymous said...

Those watchbands are great, as is everything else.