01 June 2010

Memorial Weekend in Dallas

Memorial Weekend in Dallas, originally uploaded by Gypsy Ridgley.

We went to stay at Kevin's parent's house for the weekend. It was so relaxing to get away and be in an actual city. We hit several estate sales and all my favorite Dallas shops. I picked up some cute crystal champagne glasses, a red dotted mug, a pair of Shabby Chic pillow cases, and various other fun stuff. Kevin found two pairs of Ray Bans for only $5 each. Score!


Annette said...

I'd say you found some fabulous finds! I love the pillow cases and red mug!

Lemonade Girl said...

Hmmm.... am I familiar with a pair of these Ray Bans?

~*Nomie*~ said...

Beautiful pictures! I found you through an Etsy forum! I'm following :o) You can find me here at: http://nomieecoware.blogspot.com

Redesign Diva said...

Very good finds,,,and u agree with Nomie, beautiful pictures. I need a new camera what kind do you have? ..seriously!

Your also a great stager..glad you found me and I found you!