14 October 2010

New House Update

Sorry I haven't been better about updating during the remodel process. We sold our house within two weeks of listing it, yay! But, this meant we had to move before we finished with the new house. Sooooooo, we are currently taking over my old bedroom at my parent's house. I sure never thought I'd be moving home again.

Things are finally starting to come together on the house. We did manage to get all the wallpaper down, but it took much blood, sweat, and tears. Then we had lots of patching to do on the plaster walls underneath. Happily it is all painted now and the floor crew has started refinishing the lovely hardwoods that were hiding under that disgusting carpet.

Our wonderful friend Gaines finished the backsplash in the kitchen today. Kevin is at the house as I'm typing this putting sealer on the new floor in the kitchen. Why is he doing that at 9 o'clock at night you ask? Well, because all our appliances are being delivered tomorrow! Yes, I will at last have a brand spanking new kitchen. Complete with modern stove!! I loved my vintage Flair, but I am ready to have an oven that can hold a steady temperature (and a full size frozen pizza).

I posted several pictures on my flickr account.

Hopefully we will be moving in soon and I can get back to blogging!

Living room BEFORE and yes they left all that stuff. We had to haul it away.
living room (before)

Living room AFTER painting but before floors are done
living room

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Holly said...

What an amazing difference! I love seeing before and after shots.