28 February 2011

Sneak Peak...

I've been working on several projects trying to get my shop ready to re-open. Here is a sneak peek at one of my favorites! I love all the hype and excitement surrounding the royal wedding, and I thought it would be fun to make my own letterpress souvenir. This is a limited run of 50, and they will be available for sale soon, so check back if you are interested!

William and Catherine

21 February 2011

Sheriff Finnegan

Finn has decided he loves the outside, now that the snow is gone.


20 February 2011

Valentine 2011

Kevin really came through this year for Valentine's Day. Finnegan and I came home from running errands and found several buckets of flowers scattered all over my kitchen, just waiting to be arranged. I love playing with flowers so this was a fabulous gift! Thanks honey.

Valentine Roses

02 February 2011

Hot Cider on a Cold Day

apple cider mix

We've been working hard to get my studio ready, and the day has finally arrived when I can fire up the press! Too bad it is so dang cold outside. My dad installed a wood stove for us to help keep the place warm, and I thought it might be fun to have some cider boiling on top.

Here's my recipe:
a dash of ground cloves
4 cinnamon sticks
one star anise
a big handful of red hots

Kevin also likes to add a shot of cinnamon schnapps for an extra kick.