25 March 2011

Business Cards

I also made some new business cards. They are now loaded in my lovely Tiffany card holder (thanks John and Gail!) and ready to be handed out.

Letterpress Business Cards

24 March 2011

New Packaging

I decided to up my game on Etsy with some fun new labels for my coasters. I printed them yesterday afternoon while Finnegan watched Sesame Street. I love being able to have him out in my studio, and he likes being with momma.

union jack packaging

20 March 2011

14 March 2011

A mother's prayer

lock the iphone screen while watching a movie

I'm starting a campaign to convince Apple that they need to provide a way to lock the iphone screen while movies are playing. Finnegan loves to watch the Wiggles when we are out and about, but he turns the video off (or the sound) (or makes a phone call) (or lots of other bad things) with his little fingers. Surely there is a way to lock the iphone during video playback. I mean, come on!! Steve Jobs must not have kids or something. Because I can assure him that anyone with young kids has felt my pain at some point. If you agree (or if you know a trick to lock the screen) please leave a comment below.

11 March 2011

Back in Business

Wow, it feels so good to have my Etsy Shop open again. Although I had forgotten how much work it is to get your photographs and descriptions ready.

Sarah Ridgley Reopening on Etsy

Some of these items will be added soon, and some of them are already listed. If you like what you see, add me to your circle so you know when I get the rest of my items listed.

07 March 2011

Beignet Breakfast

It's almost Mardi Gras time, and you know what that means. Beignets! Kevin whipped up a batch the other morning and they were fantastic. We used the Café Du Monde Beignet Mix.

Beignet Breakfast

Beignet Breakfast Prep

It was kind of hard to get an appetizing picture of them frying, I never knew food photography was so tricky.

Frying up the Beignets

They turned out delicious, especially once we sprinkled them with powdered sugar.

Yummy! Final Beignets

Even Finnegan approved!

Finnegan Approved

06 March 2011

My orchid is blooming!

I bought this orchid a year ago from Aldi. I can't believe I managed to keep it alive and coax it to rebloom! Especially after all the moving we did this past year.