14 March 2011

A mother's prayer

lock the iphone screen while watching a movie

I'm starting a campaign to convince Apple that they need to provide a way to lock the iphone screen while movies are playing. Finnegan loves to watch the Wiggles when we are out and about, but he turns the video off (or the sound) (or makes a phone call) (or lots of other bad things) with his little fingers. Surely there is a way to lock the iphone during video playback. I mean, come on!! Steve Jobs must not have kids or something. Because I can assure him that anyone with young kids has felt my pain at some point. If you agree (or if you know a trick to lock the screen) please leave a comment below.


K and S said...

I just googled it up but it seems there may be no solution. I bet if you jailbreak it, there will be a solution. For what that's worth.

Good luck on your quest.

HarmlessColor said...

Good idea...it does seem like they should have thought of that already.

Leigh said...

Ha! I second your plea.

Rachel said...

I'm just jealous that you have in iphone! I'm a little behind the times . . . ;-)

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda