04 April 2011

My New Hiedelberg Windmill Press

I went to an auction this weekend and came home with a gorgeous new-to-me press. It's a Heidelberg Windmill and it is just fantastic. I was the only one that bid on it at the auction, so I got it for $100. That's a steal, folks. a STEAL.

moving heidelberg into studio

It was a bit hard to move, seeing that it weighs about 3000 pounds, but thanks to my engineering father and husband the job got done. I ran a few test prints and made my mother some new stationery for her birthday. So far I love it!



Lulu Grey said...

Congrats on the press win! That is exciting and huge. Did you say 3000 pounds? Oh, my. I got complaints when I asked my husband to help me move a patio set.

Clare said...

Wow, serious envy here! $100!? Amazing. Enjoy your new press. I'm sure it will serve you well!


Sarah Ridgley said...

yeah, my honey is a real trooper.

Brad said...

Yowzer! That is fantastic!! Print on. Print ON! That it weighs so much kind of gives new meaning to the power of words.

Susannah said...

aw - I see some people I love in these photos! Can you believe I haven't seen your new house yet? Now I'll get to come and see this bad boy too :)