24 August 2011

Baby Shower Brunch


I recently hosted one of the most fabulous baby showers for a dear friend. It's her first, a little girl named Lindy. Joslin, another one of our besties was in charge of the food and the cake. She is just absolutely amazing. I supplied the house, the decorating, and the flowers, but it was her stunning food that really set off the party.

the spread
Just look at all that yumminess!

She made the cake too, which everyone thought must have been from a bakery. Nope, just Joslin's mad skills!

Owls were the theme for the party, so she whipped up this adorable little owl family:

owl family

love it! I made some paper owls for everyone to use to write Lori an encouraging note or good advice about life with a newborn.

paper owls

I also supplied these fabulous cookies from my local Asian grocer. They're guava flavored and TDF!


We wanted to have the shower early in the day, so we decided on a brunch theme. There were sausage balls, a breakfast burrito station, and some gorgeous quiches.

breakfast foods

I found these super cute ribbon corsages at Michael's on clearance, yay for sales! Here is the baby mama with her plate.

baby mama

Since this was a baby girl shower, and we were feeling all pink and frilly, we wanted some pretty sweets as well. Joslin whipped up these simple parfaits minutes before the party started.


The stuffed strawberries (my personal favorite) she made the day before. We were afraid they might get juicy from sitting in the fridge so long, but it worked out just fine.

strawberries 2

For the flowers I ordered a box of pink carnations from Sam's. 100 flowers for only $36, and I am still enjoying them almost a week later.

My centerpiece was simple, a bunch of carnations surrounded by some caladiums from mom's yard, and some wisteria vine from my yard. I found the awesome California pottery bowl at an estate sale two days before the party.


I also had an arrangement on the drinks table:


and the coffee bar:

coffee station

coffee cups

It was such a great party. I decided to be "environmental" and use all my lovely glasses and dishes that I spend so much time collecting, instead of buying paper plates and cups. The iced tea glasses were Fostoria American and a set of crystal with a star pattern, I'm not sure the maker. The cake plates and some of the coffee cups were from my (extensive) collection of Johnson Brother's Garden Bouquet. The Pottery Barn tea dispenser was an anniversary gift from my sweet husband, and the table cloth was a length of fabric from Hancocks I had cut to fit my table. (I didn't even bother to hem the edges, and I don't think anyone noticed!)

Here are some more pictures, a reward for those of you that are still reading this extremely long post.

(see my cute blue and white striped tea dispenser in the background?!)

opening gifts

strawberries & parfaits

party favors
These party favors were sooo cute.

yummy plate

Yum, I wish I could eat it all again!


ioana said...

Oh! my! everything looks amazing!
Congrats to the mommy for having a baby, and to you and your friend for throwing a great party!
PS adorable owl family!

Lori said...

The brunch was fabulous and I can't thank you and Jos enough for putting it together for Lindy and I. You guys are the best. And I am really pumped that I made the blog :)

Katy Weaver said...

What a party! So sad I missed it. The pictures are beautiful. You all did some fabulous work!