28 April 2011

Happy Thursday!

We were so happy for the first rain-free day in awhile. Lots of lovely sunshine was enjoyed by all!

allison upside down

My two year old niece, Allison, enjoyed hanging out upside down.

25 April 2011

Vintage Stamps

I decided to add something fun and different to my letterpress shop. Old postage stamps! I love the look of old stamps mixed with lovely letterpress cards.

10c US Air Mail Stamps

21 April 2011

Time for a trip

Kevin and I are going to Dallas this weekend to see his folks for Easter. I'm excited because we haven't done any traveling in awhile and I need to get my creative juices flowing. Are you traveling for Easter? Stay Safe!

19 April 2011

Easter Decorating

I love decorating for different holidays. Things have gotten a little more challenging with a toddler around, but I still make an effort when I can. The other day I cut a huge bunch of azaleas and honeysuckle and made little arrangements all over my house. Fresh flowers are such a treat in the springtime.

easter mantel

The cute bunny bunting is from PS it's in the Details. She really has some adorable stuff!

12 April 2011

Vintage Goodies

We actually had several decent estate sales in the area this weekend. I had a great time scavenging while Kevin watched Finn. These monogram hankies were my favorite find. I love the cheerful colors and the fact that someone handmade them long ago.


04 April 2011

My New Hiedelberg Windmill Press

I went to an auction this weekend and came home with a gorgeous new-to-me press. It's a Heidelberg Windmill and it is just fantastic. I was the only one that bid on it at the auction, so I got it for $100. That's a steal, folks. a STEAL.

moving heidelberg into studio

It was a bit hard to move, seeing that it weighs about 3000 pounds, but thanks to my engineering father and husband the job got done. I ran a few test prints and made my mother some new stationery for her birthday. So far I love it!