03 June 2012

All Hail the Queen!

I am loving all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the Diamond Jubilee.

Plate from Cath Kidston

Mug from World Market

Cupcake toppers from happythough on Etsy

Coasters from Pheasant Press

05 May 2012

Kentucky Derby

Kevin and I are excited to finally watch the Kentucky derby this afternoon. We always look forward to making mint julips and relaxing on the couch. This year we will be using my Tally Ho coasters:

Tally Ho Coasters

02 April 2012

Stuffing Easter Eggs

Finnegan has his first official Easter egg hunt at Mother's Day Out tomorrow. I am so excited! This morning we practiced hunting for eggs. Now he is down for his nap and I am getting the eggs ready for tomorrow.
The letterpress bunny tags are available here.

All ready to go!

31 March 2012

#etsysuccess symposium

I really loved the Etsy symposium yesterday. Each session was extremely informative, I felt like my brain was exploding with new knowledge! My first step towards bettering my shop was to redo my photos and create a more cohesive look for my brand, Pheasant Press.


Nice photos. But it didn't feel like everything jived together. I had several different backgrounds, so I decided to just use one background for everything. I spent hours (and hours) taking new photos and preparing them for my shop.


Much better! Hopefully I am one step closer to creating a recognizable brand for myself.

20 February 2012

Gluten Free Avocado Fries

I saw a recipe the other day for Avocado Fries, and I thought I would try to make them with my new chickpea flour.  My husband is doing low carb, and supposedly chickpea flour doesn't have a glycemic effect. We both though they were great! (and he still lost weight)

Directions: Cut one firm-ish avocado into fries. Mix one egg and a little milk together in a cup. Dunk the avocado pieces into the mixture and leave them for a few minutes. Mix about a cup of the chickpea flour with some coriander, pepper and salt. You can adjust the mixture or add any other spices you want. Drop the avocado pieces into the flour and coat them. Get your trusty skillet out, add some olive oil and let it get hot. Carefully place the fries in the oil and fry them for 2 minutes on each side. Pull them out and voilĂ ! Yummy!

15 February 2012

a Quiet Afternoon

My sweet sister-in-law Erin gave me some delicious blooming teas for Christmas. Not only are they yummy, they also look so pretty!!

14 February 2012

Gorgeous Roses

Just had to share the treat my Valentine brought home!!

letterpress Valentine card from Pheasant Press

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been collecting vintage Valentines for several years now and I just love decorating with them. This french door is where I put all my Christmas cards as they arrive. It looked so bare after I took them down this year, I decided to put my Valentines up to keep it cheerful.

My favorites are the ones with cowboys.

Notice my Cath Kidston candles. I love those polka dots!

20 January 2012

Finnegan's 2nd Birthday

Theme: Cowboys

We had a fabulous time at Finn's 2nd birthday. My lovely friend Joy brought her pony, Buddy, and all the kids enjoyed taking rides around the yard. Joslin, my cake maker extraordinaire, whipped up a fantastically adorable cowboy cake. Kevin enjoyed playing with the little plastic cowboys and indians, and set up battle scenes all over the house. Good Times!

* new boots from Nana and Grandaddy *