20 February 2012

Gluten Free Avocado Fries

I saw a recipe the other day for Avocado Fries, and I thought I would try to make them with my new chickpea flour.  My husband is doing low carb, and supposedly chickpea flour doesn't have a glycemic effect. We both though they were great! (and he still lost weight)

Directions: Cut one firm-ish avocado into fries. Mix one egg and a little milk together in a cup. Dunk the avocado pieces into the mixture and leave them for a few minutes. Mix about a cup of the chickpea flour with some coriander, pepper and salt. You can adjust the mixture or add any other spices you want. Drop the avocado pieces into the flour and coat them. Get your trusty skillet out, add some olive oil and let it get hot. Carefully place the fries in the oil and fry them for 2 minutes on each side. Pull them out and voilà! Yummy!


Yolanda Green said...

Great recipe! I LOVE avocado and I had no idea that you could make it into fries. This looks like the perfect appetizer. My mouth is watering! Haha

Kayla Rowen said...

OoOOhhh! So, you get to enjoy delicious fried avocado and STILL lose weight! Very nice recipe! Bookmarked and shared :). Looking forward to more!

Jason (Gluten Free / Dairy Free NJ) said...

Here in NJ avocados are sold unripe and I end up leaving them out for at least a week to finish ripening. I'm getting better at telling when they are ready but still do occasionally cut into one before it's done. I'm printing out this recipe and will make fries with it the next time I cut into one that isn't quite mushy enough for guacamole!