31 March 2012

#etsysuccess symposium

I really loved the Etsy symposium yesterday. Each session was extremely informative, I felt like my brain was exploding with new knowledge! My first step towards bettering my shop was to redo my photos and create a more cohesive look for my brand, Pheasant Press.


Nice photos. But it didn't feel like everything jived together. I had several different backgrounds, so I decided to just use one background for everything. I spent hours (and hours) taking new photos and preparing them for my shop.


Much better! Hopefully I am one step closer to creating a recognizable brand for myself.


Stina G said...

The photos look awesome! Taking them can be such a pain (especially taking them over again... and editing ... and then maybe re-taking again) but it's so worth it! Love your look.
-Stina (Etsy Blog Team)

AbsolutelyKismet said...

I've retaken photos lots, too! A pain, but worth it. Yours look lovely.

EarthGoods4TheSpirit said...

Awesome! Just it really looks much nicer, your hard work is paying off!
I hope to get mine fixed up soon, gratefully I am new so I only have a few listings to update!
Etsy Online Labs Rocks! I watched all day!

Anonymous said...

The shop looks amazing with the uniformity of the new photos! Well done. I loved hat symposium too. Very inspiring.


Rizza said...

nice blog! :) the photos look great! :)